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​We are the premier Street Dance Studio by the street dance community.



Our mission is to empower the Street Dance community through cultural education, professional development, and mentorship by providing a safe space for our students to grow and thrive.




Street Dance culture is a form of expression that was born under oppression. It is a way for Black and Brown people to express themselves, to be heard, and to elevate their way out of difficult conditions. Its culture has spread rapidly and can now be found in music, movies and clubs across the globe. However, in spite of this people in our community continue to struggle with ongoing issues of injustice and inequality.


We have seen that Street Dance can change lives. It can overcome cultural barriers and unite people as a universal language when it’s taught correctly. We will be teaching the entire culture of street dance from the history and name of basic steps, to creating full stage productions.


In the future, we are planning tooffer free classes and after school education at the studio for those who can't afford it while we provide stable jobs for our teachers. To achieve these goals, we are currently in the process of obtaining 501c3 status for our non-profit the Next Generation Foundation.


Thank you for your support and commitment to the Art!

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Next Generation was formed in NYC in 1999.  In 2003, we moved to Japan to educate people about the street dance culture because cultural appropriation was being mistaken as cultural appreciation.  


Studio was open in 2005 and we started the youth training program named KiNEXTions and mini-X to teach them everything about street and club dance culture. We take teaching very seriously because it has the power to change people's lives.

NXGN worked with Okayama city, nonprofit organizations, and occupational schools to further educate about the culture behind street and club dance.   We hosted the biggest street dance musicals based on the culture in NYC at Okayama Symphony Hall, the 13th student showcase based on the 13th amendment and history of Black culture, and hosted several discussions on racism.


Through our work with the community we received, the "Next Leaders" award from Okayama. NXGN in Japan is still operating after 17 years with our instructors who are educated and respects the culture.

In 2015, we decided to come back to NY because we witnessed the same appropriation was happening in the US.









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Street styles were created by communities of color and LGBTQ+ community.  This culture was born under era of oppression, but now connecting people all around the world.  Street Dance does not discriminate anyone.  It's been welcoming everyone with open arm.  We believe that street dance can unite, inspire, and change the world with proper education. 


We’ve witnessed a global pandemic, intense racial violence, xenophobia, civil unrest, and increased division. It has been emotional and challenging for the street dance community. Our ability to endure has been tested as we continue the fight for progress. Through it all: we stand firmly for equality. It is at the center of our pursuit and remains a central value in all we do.


We have had a student showcase based on Black history, programs to teach the street dance culture, and several discussions online.  We remain committed to our focus.