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Street Dance Studio

It has been a very interesting year for us at NXGN. So many ups and downs, a true emotional rollercoaster. We were able to open another small studio in Japan, and we actually started moving forward with the nonprofit we formed a few years ago called NXGN Foundation for Street and Club Dance Culture. 


On the other side of that we have struggled with the studio in West New York. So after many conversations with the owner, we have decided to close it. It was not an easy decision but ultimately the right call. We have been going nonstop for close to three years to make this happen. Sometimes you have to take a step back in order to move forward. 


We would have never made it this far if it wasn’t for you all and all your support. Every step of the way you have been by our side and we know this hurts you all just as much as it hurts us, but we will continue to service the community and the culture the best that we can. 


December 29th will be the final day of the studio. We look forward to new endeavors with the new year and we appreciate you. 


As always remember there are three things that are most important. Listen to the Music, Feel the Music, and Dance to and with the music. Music Feeling Dance! All day everyday! 


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Street & Latin Dance

Drop-In Classes

Street Dance Classes for kids, teens and adults from basic to advance level.

After School Program, Dance, NJ, West New York, NXGN, Next Generation, kids dance, dance studio

After School Program

After school program for kids ages 5 - 12.

Weekdays 3:30PM-6:00PM

​Late Pick up available with fee

New / Changed / Featured Classes
Please see "Street Dance Drop-In Classes"​ for full schedule.









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