Afrobeat is the music genre created in Africa. The dances done to Afrobeats are a variety of traditions dances from different tribes all across the continent of Africa. 


This classes introduces the grooves associated with movements in acrobats.

Chicago Footwork


Footwork, also called juke, footwork/juke or Chicago juke, is a genre of electronic music derived from ghetto house with elements of hip hop, first appearing in Chicago in the late 1990s. The music style evolved from the earlier, rapid rhythms of ghetto house, a change pioneered by RP Boo



Flex'n began in Brooklyn in the early and mid 90's a continuation of Dancehall styling  as the steps became more complex the fusion of freestyle  dance and the new style of Bruk Up gave birth to this new style of dance called flex'n.

Hip Hop


Hip Hop dance is a combination of the social dances form the early 80's and 90's mixed with the old school styles of popping and locking. Because generally in social dance, a new dance is created or recreated every year. Hip Hop is a constantly evolving dance style. The style of hip hop dance was made famous by group named Elite Force.

Jersey Club Dance


Jersey Club dance began in the late 90's  with  two steps called the Lock It up and Perculator. It then infused moves and music from the Baltimore area it has grown into a style comprised of many different styles like most of the sub genres of street and club dance.



Campbell Locking or locking as it is affectionately known. Is a dance that plays on charisma of the individual. It was created by Don Campbell. It is a serious of points, slaps and locks. The emphasis on using the hands to point and pose(lock). One key point of locking in the words of Greg is to keep it creative or keep it funky.The style of locking was created by a group called the Lockers headed by none other than Greg Campbell.



Vogue dance was created by African American gay and trans community of the Harlem Ballroom scene in the 1960's. The style mirrors the runways of high fashion clothing. The entire  form is based around poses and  dips. It requires a good understanding of how to frame the body using your hands. It is one of the more influential dance styles today .



BBoy'n is known in the world as breaking. It is a style of dance based on the use of the ground to execute your dance moves. This style has three man factors the top rock (footwork), ground work, and freezes. This style of dance was born in the Bronx, New York and was made famous by the group Rock Steady Crew.



Dancehall or reggae is style of dance based on the music it is made purely of social dance from Jamaica. Every year there is a song or a rhythm that born and with that song or rhythm a set is made everyone learns that step and does that step together when the rhythm or song it is played. Reggae is the precursor to Hip Hop.



Although this is not a dance style it is something that many dancers should accomplish. Depending on the teacher you may be doing multiple different styles.



House dance is a combination of all genre of dance done to house music. It's bases are strongly in tap and african dance. It's continuos soft body movement makes it one of the more difficult of the urban dance styles. The House music was born in Chicago, House dance was created in New York and made famous world wide by a group called Dance Fusion.

Lite Feet


Lite Feet started in the mid to late nineties a continuation of the freestyle dances that were being done by the youth. This resurgence of energy was initiated by the youth in Harlem. Much like the original hip hop  dances the music was provide by a call and response this time the call is No music! The dance was called the Harlem Shake, Shaking , and the finally Lite Feet.



Popping, Boogie'n or hit or many of the other names this style goes by. This is one of the oldest of the urban dance styles. It is a dance using the muscles you tighten and relax the muscles to create an effect of your body coming to a sudden stop or hit as it is called. This style was created in the west coast of America by a group called The Electric Boogaloos.



Waack is a style of dance made by club dancers in the Los Angeles. It is a dance mainly using the hands to show emphasis on the beat and rhythm it also incorporates the south african upper body movements to further exaggerate the hand movements.